State of the Amber


It's Spring Break here in Austin and I'm considering this something of the calm before the storm as far as my crazy life is concerned. Next week my face to face classes for my certification start up and I'm not processing very well what that's going to mean as far as resource drain is concerned.

I've been studying since January for my content exam, perhaps not as much as I should be, but studying a lot none the less. I have a practice exam next Saturday and the real deal is mid April. I vacillate daily on how prepared I feel. The practice questions I've encountered have been pretty easy but it's just hard to know what the real scope of the test will be. I'm glad I have a practice exam first. Still lots of holes in my Math memory, but it is extremely satisfying to see it all being rebuilt. I love Math.

I've also been observing classrooms the past few weeks and that has been really great. Every classroom has made me feel more excited to teach rather than the opposite and I consider that a very positive sign. All except perhaps the middle school - it made me pretty certain I'd rather be teaching High School. Good to know.

So starting next week I have class pretty much every Tuesday and Thursday night and every Saturday all day. And of course the campus is clear across town for me to get a lovely taste of that rush hour traffic. Guess it's time to break out the audio books.

The bottom line is that I'm really happy about it all. I am energized and excited to be teaching this fall. Just hoping I have the energy to make it through with a little grace.


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