Pedernales Falls


I completed hike 2 of my 3 planned Grand Canyon training hikes last Friday. Dave and I took the day off work and while the girls were at school we went out to Pedernales Falls to see what it had to offer. I'm not totally sure of the total distance as both my GPS and the map were on the unreliable side. (Is it just me or does Sprint's GPS really suck?) Probably 14-15 miles total. It was a good hike but it made me really, really miss mountains. Yes, it's hill country, and hills are lovely, but they just aren't the same as my lovely Wasatch Mountains. I don't get homesick for Utah very often but sometimes I do truly miss the geography. Growing up in Utah seems to spoil you for so much else of the country when it comes to landscape. Plus I could really use some more impressive hill work to prep for the Grand Canyon. C'est la vie.

None of the pictures I took ended up very picturesque so instead I'll just mark this post with my obligatory feet shot. There was one point where we had to take off shoes and cross a river. It was much welcome as I had worn a lovely blister on my right foot fourth toe by that point. Always seems to be the same spot. The next day the entire skin of bottom of my toe had detached and under my blister was another blood blister. That's an accomplishment. These training hikes are as much or more about my feet getting used to shoes as they are about fitness.

I'm am starting to get a yummy level of excited for the Grand Canyon. April 14th can't come fast enough.


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