My Year with Eleanor


My Year with EleanorMy Year with Eleanor by Noelle Hancock
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This was a really fun read. Her writing style is enjoyable and easy. I think she painted well the evolution of her year where inspired by an Eleanor Roosevelt quote she did one scary thing every day. I do feel like there have been a few too many of this type of memoir where somebody tackles a project for a year and then writes a humorous and light memoir about it tinged with self actualization.

What I learned:
Even pretty girls can be messed up on the insides and personal growth can make bank if humorously framed.

What I loved liked:
I'm having a hard time reading right now so it was nice to have a light read that was easy to pick up and laugh occasionally.

Some favorite passage - she had a lot of great one liners:

"The luxury of being an adult is you no longer have to do things that make you uncomfortable"

"Bon mots were my preferred defense mechanism, though I would use homicide in a pinch."

"Perfectionism is the fear of making mistakes."

"Now I understood how commanders got their soldiers to charge into battle. The human instinct to please could be more powerful than our survival instinct."

"Fear is just excitement without the breath."

"The whole time I'd thought I was trying to get back to the person I used to be, when really I was growing into the person I was always meant to be. I was relaxing into myself."

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