2012 (in bullet form!)


I kind of like it when there are big things on my calendar to focus my attention on. In theory anyway, there are so many coming up in 2012 that my theory might get tested and/or thrown out the window.

  • Hike the Grand Canyon! Exciting^10!
  • Trip to Phoenix for Work. It is what it is. They will have hired some new people and the office has been remodeled and frankly, I just don't belong there any more. I will do my best to smile.
  • Certification Exam. A little nervous. It's right after my trip so my biggest concern is not wasting myself while I travel like I normally do.
  • Lots of classwork. Wish me luck!

  • Two weeks of student teaching. Excited and a huge amount nervous for this one.
  • Hopefully this is when I'll be finding my placement for August although it might take longer. Fingers crossed.
  • More lots of classwork!

  • Unemployment! I am wholeheartedly looking forward to this other than that whole money thing. I haven't been without a job since I was like 15.
  • My mom and baby sister are moving to Austin! I have ordered up a non-sweltering summer on their behalf.
  • More lots of classwork!

  • Family trip to Utah/Wyoming as long as gas doesn't cost $6 a gallon by then.
  • Even more lots of classwork no doubt peppered with some new anxiety about actually teaching.

  • Teach*!
*Don't die

  • Don't die, rinse and repeat.


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