Turn it up to eleven!


Birthday number 11 for my Tessa. She is such an amazing girl and every day I just sit back and watch with pleasure how she has become such a fine person. As I've said many times before, I just do my best to stay out of her way. Eleven feels a bit like the beginning of the end to me - childhood is moving into something a little more messy and squishy. Despite my fears and trepidation, Tessa seems to be moving forward with grace and confidence.

For her birthday, I knew she wanted "stuff" like shoes and clothes but she is particular like her mom so I was nervous to pick stuff out on her behalf. Instead I made her a (somewhat fancified if I do say so myself) coupon book with her "eleven birthday wishes" and we went to the mall to cash them in. Some small, some big, but it was fun to see her explore her taste. It was a great day.


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