More Party


Tessa, after *months* of discussion, decided on a sleepover with some school friends  for her birthday party. I'm sure I've made it readily apparent that I am not a huge birthday party enthusiast in any form, but sleepovers are definitely mixed bag. On the one hand there is very little planning. The girls did decorate t-shirts with puffy paint, but there was little supervision required (or desired) and I had no games or entertainment to figure out. The less of me visible the better, which is all good. But on the other hand there are girls waking me up at 1:00 am when their movie ended and they simply could not contain the giggles any more. There are girls screaming as they slide down my stairs in sleeping bags. There is a whirlwind of noise and mess all over my house. And now as I sit down to type this out, there is a suspicious silence that makes me feel the need to check on them, like they are naughty pre-schoolers that might be drawing on the walls with markers. I realize I tend towards the grumpy side when there are gaggles of girls involved, so I try to keep it contained but I am truly looking forward to a quiet afternoon when they've gone home. I'm also coming down with a cold so my little patience is further diminished.

But it's not all bad. They are lovely girls every one and it is fun to hear them gossip and chat and plan and be silly and enjoy this wonderful time of life. I remember 5th grade fondly and they all seem to be enjoying it too; they seem very happy in their own skin. Mostly I am glad to have my beautiful daughter enjoy the company of her friends, to have her special celebration that is just the way she wants it.


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