I took the day off to hit Barton Creek Trail. I am officially go for the Grand Canyon in April and it's time to get my legs and feet ready. I won't be able to do as much training as I did last year in the months before the hike, but I'm hoping it will still be a success.

I have one sole Saturday off from my certification program  and that just happened to coincide with a necessary trip back to GCC and the date worked beautifully for the group of friends that I'm hiking with. Kismet. We wanted to do North to South this year, but the North rim isn't open until May so we're sticking to what we know and doing the same route from last year. I'm just glad to be there in any fashion. The cherry on top is that my sister Xandy is going come and do the hike with me. Party!

Today's hike was good. As I've mentioned before, Barton Creek is mostly flat so not very serious hiking, but good to get my feet used to shoes etc. I ended up doing only 13-14 of the total 15 miles because right near the end of the trail down the creek towards Zilker I was stopped by a park ranger and told that the trail was closed due to the big rain yesterday and given a mild reprimand. I told him I couldn't just leave, I had 7 miles back to my car. What was he going to do? So I turned around and headed back. The trail was a little muddy in parts but not that bad. I guess they close it after big rains since people tend to widen the trail to avoid the mud and cause too much erosion. I understand but it still seemed strange. I was certainly not the only person on the trail today.

Good day to be out. The sky was clear and the temperatures perfect. It was really nice to be away from work, away from my computer, away from all the busy to have some time on my own. Just me and some lovely thoughts in my head...


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