Lovely, lovely Seattle


I was looking through some old photos recently and I came across my pictures from Seattle. I went to Seattle for a professional conference in May of 2008 and it was a transformative trip in a lot of ways. Not to mention just a gorgeous few days. It came at the end of a *very* difficult semester where I was acting director of my department, working away from home a whole lot more than I was accustom to, selling our house in Phoenix, and planning for our move to Austin. I needed a few days away. This was the also first trip I had taken away since my girls came on the scene so it was more than a little fun to be just Amber rather than Mommy. I remember very little of the actual conference, but there was a perfect nexus of colleagues and friends that kept the happy going. So much good food, beautiful walks around the city, late nights and much laughter. As I wrote the first time, I kinda fell in love. I associate this trip with a time in my life when I finally gave myself liberty to be an adult on my own outright. It's hard to articulate, just a very, very good feeling... Something I desperately need right about now...

It took me almost four years, but I finally made good on my promise to post pictures :-)


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