I need to whine for a moment about my day yesterday. I got almost no sleep Friday night. I had a terrible headache that was keeping me up all night. Plus nerves. Plus a fitful Sylvie in my bed who was tossing and turning and moaning and thrashing and getting up and down all. night. long. But I survived and my all day orientation was fine. Crazy amounts of information to process that would have overloaded me under any circumstance, but considering the night I had I was major spent by the time I was done. I took the girls out to dinner to celebrate and then we crashed on the couch with a movie. We were done at 8:30 and I was seriously cogitating making that my bedtime. But the girls were both complaining of itchy scalp so I thought I'd better take a look before bed. Um, lice. So instead of bed I got to put my clothes back on, head to the store for the lice kit, launder the whole house, and spend hours picking through my daughters' hair with the tiny comb. Pretty thrilled with Tessa's waist length hair right now. Oh, and did I mention Dave was out of town on a guy's weekend? Superb. The house was (and is) still undone with piles of laundry everywhere but I crawled into bed just before midnight not caring one whit more. Dave tells me he got home at midnight but I was so knocked out I didn't even hear him. Yay Saturday.


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