Good things about my day


Starting out the day going out with friends for breakfast and discussing a book. Love eating out for breakfast, love books, love socializing with friends. This was the initial meeting of the "Big Fat Book Club" where we are going to slowly work through some of those huge classic titles that I can never seem to fit in otherwise. We read a couple hundred pages a month and get done when we get done. Peer pressure at its finest. We're reading Crime and Punishment, I'm liking it so far even though my brain isn't used to reading the classics anymore. Another reason I decided to start this book group. Must resist atrophy.

Studying this afternoon. Initially this felt like a downer but I got to remember how much I adore Geometry. It makes me crazy happy. To steal a turn of phrase from my friend Sarah, I want to make out with it. (Thanks Sarah, I am going to use that one way too much from now until forever.) I am in an upswing with the whole teaching thing. I'm feeling energized and excited. Thankfully I'm not quite naive enough to think this is where I'll stay. I'm ready ride the roller coaster.

Good yoga class this afternoon. Not too hard, not too easy - just right. There are a lot of days when making it out of the house to get to a yoga class just seems like a lot of work. But I'm always glad when I do. Always.

Making pizookies with my girls and vegging out with Project Runway. I love cookies. And I love that show. But most of all I love my girls. They are amazing in so many ways. I do my best to stay out of their way so they can continue on their own fine trajectory without me messing them up too much. I am a lucky mom.


Janell said...


I'm a tad envious of your love of geometry.

Suzanne said...

I thought I'd peek in at your blog this morning, and as always you make me smile. I can already see your face when I use the first word that comes to mind - idyllic. I was happy to hear about your new job. I hope you love it! You are amazing! Love your family, love your girls, love you!

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