Thought I'd share a fun moment from today's staff meeting. Which incidentally is really the first time I've spoken with my boss in the eight weeks since she informed me that my job is being yanked out from under me. She's classy that way. Anyway, first my boss totally went sugary on me about how some recent synthesis/analysis work I had done for the president (the kind of work one might reasonable expect to fit under my boss's job description) had been so great that the pres used it all during her convocation speech. And then directly after that I got to sit through my boss rambling about the future direction of the office, renovations, new hires, new office name, that will all culminate after I am to be gone. She told me she'd keep me in the loop. Needed my input on it all. How nice.


Janell said...

Hey, so long as she remembers that after termination your hourly rate will double for any requested input.

Audra said...

Uh...nice. What a wacko!

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