Big News


What a whirlwind week - lots of big news that I am still processing myself. I applied about a month ago to a teacher certification program. I really felt strongly about teaching Math as the next chapter for me. I've really felt confident about the decision and pretty calm that it would all work out. And it seems that it truly will. Thursday I was called in for an interview to the program, Friday I was accepted, and Saturday I attended an all day orientation into the program with course work beginning immediately. Off to the races!

 There are a few unique and great things about the program. First it is accelerated so that I will actually be a certified teacher this very fall. Which is great and scary both. (The ratio of great v. scary vacillates hourly.) Also, by the time I had applied in December the program would normally be closed but they had extended the deadline this year. Extremely fortuitous for yours truly as this wasn't on my radar until recently. The very best thing about the program I was accepted into is that I have a "hired unassigned contract" which means I am guaranteed a job this fall in AISD. I will still be applying at different schools to find a best fit, but I definitely have a job. Not very many participants in the certification program have that guarantee so I am very fortunate. 

The next year and a half are going to be tremendously difficult I'm sure. How much that is of an understatement is to be seen. But I am extremely energized for the challenge. It will be an abrupt change for me to move from half time work in the quiet of my home to basically a full time job in the trenches (for only marginally more pay too). But it is time in my life for me to really give back and this is such an exciting way to do that. I truly love my job at GCC (and I'll still be working there until June unless I manage to get myself fired before then) but I have been stagnating there to a degree and I want my next career to be more service oriented, a more immediate impact for good. We all know that Algebra can save the world!

 Send me good wishes and prayers. I will need it all.


Audra said...

You are the best and will fly through this hard time with ease. I will send good thoughts anyways, because I love you!

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