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Here I am at the end of my first year of OCD fabulousness, tracking lots of interesting and not-so-interesting tidbits on Daytum. And yes, I will be continuing with it in one fashion or another. I wasn't sure about that at the outset, or even if I'd make it all the way through 2011, but it definitely strikes a chord with me for myriad reasons. I'm not really in the mood to give a defense of the particularities of my personality that make this interesting and enjoyable for me. It just works for me, I expect very few to understand.

You can look through the whole year and beyond on my Daytum page here, but below I'll try to pull out some of the more interesting or surprising highlights as they strike me.


  • Despite all the comments about my hair matching my shirt, I actually wear blue and green tones the most. You think I should pull out the graph when people say that to me in the future? 
  • I've eaten 95 oz of dark chocolate this year, averaging to about a quarter ounce a day. I don't eat it every day, but when I do I eat on average 0.6 oz, I think that's just about right.
  • I run 0.83 errands per day. These are mostly trips to stores or the library, ferrying kids to activities are not included. This seems like a low number to me and I like it that way. I do what I can to keep running about to a minimum.
  • Chick-Fil-A far and away wins the most frequented restaurant. I love it and it's cheap so that's not surprising. But I've also noticed that I'd rather try a new spot than go to a favorite. Most restaurants on my list only have one or two entries for the year. I eat out on average every three days which was really surprising and is way too frequent in my opinion. Not that I don't enjoy it, it's just an expensive habit.


  • I listened to 237 new albums this year. I realize that is a ridiculously large number - but I truly fell off the last of the year, just got saturated with keeping up with the new releases, so it could be a whole lot higher. That large number is also why I'm having a really hard time putting together a favorite albums of the year post.
  • I got crafty for 265 hours this year which is also a pretty high number. Mostly crochet and I'd be interested to see if that intensity can sustain itself but I'm major sick of tracking this so that will be an unknown. Tracking hours spent is must more difficult that just plain old widgets. Plus I multi-task a lot when I'm crocheting so calculating true hours spent is just a drag.
  • I watch a lot of TV - on average just under two episodes per day. I'm actually surprised that number's not higher but I suppose there are lots of days when I don't make it to the couch to veg. This is a number I'd like to see go down but the fact of the matter is that I just plain old enjoy it. I tend fall asleep when I read in the evenings so TV is a good way to unwind. The Daily Show is far and away my most frequented show, not surprising since it's just on all the time as compared with weekly sitcoms (and because it's awesome). My Netflix favs are on top of the list too for the same reason: easy access. I watched all four seasons of Mad Men recently and would keep going if I could - love that show.
  • I am a way more inconsistent magazine reader than I pretend in my head. I am sad at how many issues I miss. Yet I have subscribed to some new titles for 2012 (thanks to Amazon's $5 subscriptions this time of year) so apparently I am an optimist.
  • I read a lot. That is nothing new. 11,450 pages in 2011, which is about 33 pages a day. 
  • 131 hours on the yoga mat this year, averaging out to only 20 minutes per day. I'd like to see that number go up but that's not likely considering the craziness 2012 may have in store for me. I really did expect to see that be a lot higher, one of my more disappointing outcomes. Daytum tells me I'm practicing every 3 and a half days or so, seems like that should be more frequent.
  • I ran 192 miles in 2011. A pretty puny number but I'll take it considering I really don't aspire to be a runner nor do I enjoy it much. But I do enjoy being outside, the easy access of running, how I feel when I'm done, and most importantly the countless hours of good conversation with my running partner (which is the real reason I run at all).
  • My body feels "good" only 57% of my days. That seems like it should be higher. Not that a "so-so" day keeps me from doing what needs to be done. But I have enough headaches and such to keep me from feeling tip top a lot of my days. Seems like I should be able to improve that but I just really don't know how.
  • Headaches are a whole other thing. I have medicated a headache a whopping 137 times this year. That just stinks.
  • My only real goal when I started this project was to read my scriptures every day. Something I haven't achieved for more than a few weeks at a time since I was in high school. And I got so (!!!) close but there was one stinking day where I just plain and simple forgot. Ah well, that's still a pretty great outcome and that alone is worth the price of admission to this whole crazy Daytum project.
  • I spent 238 hours this year at church, on callings, and other church related stuff. That doesn't include scripture study or temple trips. I've only spent 67 hours on my calling in the primary presidency and that doesn't seem like a lot. (That 67 hours excludes the two out of three hours at church every week that I am physically working in primary.) I and the other members of the primary presidency do try to eliminate the "fluff" that can take up time without actual impact for the children. That plus the elimination church wide of quarterly activities has taken the time toll down significantly for this calling.
Mommy Life
  • I only cook about half the time. And most of that is non-recipe based or "easy" cooking as I call it. I need to stop whining. But probably won't.
  • I spent 38 nights away from home. Some for work, some for vacation - but all in all that is a pretty big total. That is one that will go down for sure in 2012.
  • I spent 205 hours this year doing what I think of as "mommy activities". Stuff that I'm doing only because I have kids and would certainly not be doing of my own free will and choice. Not that I begrudge this time (other than the hours spent at birthday parties, I do hate those), but it's just mommy stuff and not Amber stuff.
I'll be dropping off several items for tracking in 2012 and picking up a few new ones, I haven't sorted out the particulars quite yet. If I were truly honest I'd track treats consumed or fruits and vegs or even my weight, but I am not ready for that level of reality yet. But all in all I really like seeing how reality matches up with perception in my daily habits. It really does change my level of mindfulness, which is always my goal.


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