Year in Review 2011


I'm having a hard time deciding what flavor 2011 has been for my annual Year in Review post. Some years seem to be landmark or pivotal but this year just flew by, not sticking in my head as particularly one thing or the other. I am also in extreme forward thinking mode as the next year has a lot of stuff coming so I'm probably not giving cute little 2011 its due.

We seem to all be generally intact and doing well. Dave is enjoying his job a lot and that is a great thing. He is logging lots of miles running each week as always. He is more stalwart as a runner than I could ever completely understand. This year he ran marathons in Tulsa and Salt Lake, numbers four and five in his illustrious career. I have noticed things with professional sports are not superb this year, but you'd have to ask him about that since I seem to have stopped even pretending to pay attention.

The girls are doing really great in school and are generally amazing each and every day. They celebrated birthdays ten and seven this year. I am fully aware that these are the "good" years between diapers and hormones; trust that I live every day reveling in that fact. Tessa has loved choir this year in both 4th and 5th grade. Sylvie is still in love with the piano, she really has a gift for it. (Tessa is still playing but love is not the best adjective there even though she is a really good pianist.) Sylvie tried out tap dance classes but in the end it wasn't completely her thing. The girls have had a lot of highlights but I would imagine our snow day and blue hole would be among their favorites. And of course our big trip to Utah/Wyoming to visit family and friends.

My banner event of the year was without a doubt hiking the Grand Canyon. I've said more than enough on that topic but it was absolutely magical. I also had a great girls' weekend in San Antonio for my birthday. I guess it was a good year. If you're just tuning in, the work thing is a little crazy for me right now as I've just found out my job will be ending in June. I am optimistic that things will work out for the best. And of course 2011 was the year I unveiled more of the crazy and embarked on my epic Daytum project. I'll write more about that later as the year wraps up.

We're slowly working on the house still. This has become a definite slow burn with me rather than a consuming frenzy like it was in our Phoenix house. We had a carpenter redo our fireplace this year and it is lovely, lovely, lovely. But the family room is still not painted and that has prevented me from taking good pictures to show off. Maybe next year. The yard is a blah holding pattern as we've had an absolutely horrid drought this year and the plants are far from happy. It's been bad enough to slightly dent my rosy estimation of my beloved Austin.

I hope this busy but wonderful Christmas seasons finds all our friends and family well. I realized just this last week that Christmas cards didn't quite make my list of things to do this year. Perhaps every other year will have to be good enough. But I hope you all know that here in Austin there are fond wishes and love for each and every one of you. Merry Christmas!


Katherine Darrow said...

Your Daytum project made me smile! I once heard an NPR report on a guy who actually logged every hour of his day for 30+ years, AND saved all of his nail clippings, measured other excreta, and other incredibly OCD recording. So, keep it light girl! Glad to know of another dark chocolate addict!

Audra said...

I love your year in review and it is motivating me to do one myself. I hope you got my present for you. I also hope you don't make fun of the music too much. Merry Christmas!

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