Sweet musical girl


Sylvie is such an enigma. They say girls are made of sugar and spice but I like to think of Sylvie as sweet and sour. Which is one of her favorite dinners so I guess that works. She does have a lot of anxiety and other emotional volcanoes, but underneath it all is the most incredibly sweet and caring girl. She has given me more hugs in her short life than I could ever deserve.

It is true that siblings seem to differentiate and I think Sylvie has always lived under the shadow of Tessa being the "artisitic" one, but she's come into her own lately and I find her drawing a good portion of her free time. She usually won't share her pictures with any of us, but she did show me this Christmas card which I fell in love with. She's always humming under her breath or tapping with her fingers whatever song she's assigned in piano that week - music runs in this girl's soul. I am a little envious of her gift and I'm wondering how long it is until she's a better pianist than I am. Not that that's a very high bar. Ah, I love this girl!


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