It is a shame that this is really all I've got to offer for photo documentation of our Thanksgiving. It was a lovely and chaotic day and my camera was the farthest thing from my thoughts. So here you have the motley and rather sad "kid" table. The adults got the all the fanciness that will I suppose only live in memory. I so rarely make a fuss out of table presentation that it really is too bad. Ah well.

After our epic trip to visit family and friends last year, I was feeling rather sad at the notion of a small, lonely Thanksgiving at home. So I invited three families of friends who all willingly accepted and it became a big, happy, festive Thanksgiving at home. 18 total and it was no small feat to find a spot for everyone. But food was delicious and plentiful. I only had to do the turkey and stuffing. And pies of course. It was impossibly hard to whittle down my selections to only two as I am accustom to making all the pies. This year I made my favorite lemon meringue and a new chocolate cheesecake that was divine. Kinda messy to cut, but soooo worth it. The preparations for the day were a lot, but it was a great holiday. Good friends are big part of what I am grateful for in this life.

I reflected a lot in the weekend after our feast on how different my life will be come next Thanksgiving. My youngest sister will be living with us while she starts off on her college education. My mom will also be moving to Austin because she knows that's where all the cool people live (or maybe Austin will finally be completely awesome when she joins us). I will (hopefully) have a new job or possibly even a new career. I will have a middle schooler (gasp). I like change, but that is a lot to be sure. Gratitude and a lot of deep breathing will carry me through.


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