Moment of the day 6.30.2011


My girls are taking turns reading me stories while I rest my (stupid and still aching) head. Such sweethearts.

Blanket of Stars


The head and I have not been very good friends this week. Round one was Monday morning when I threw up for the first time pretty much ever from the pain and the rest of the day spent in bed. Round two of super killer headache ensued this morning before 5:00 am when the throbbing woke me up. Headaches are a terrible thing, but missing sleep! That's a crime against humanity! It's going to be a great day for sure. My only consolation are the beautiful stars still out. I may not be sleeping, but I do rest better with a blanket of stars to comfort me. Always, always there and that is a blessing beyond measure. Amazing video here.



I bought this set of silver stacking rings for my last birthday. I love mother's jewelry but am rather picky when it comes to style. Thank goodness for the endless possibilities and creativity on Etsy. Each of my girls' names are engraved on the side of a ring and the third ring has a line from one of my favorite hymns which sums up my parenting philosophy, and a good mantra for life in general, "by the patience of hope and the labor of love". Sometime I wear the two with just my girls' names, sometimes I wear all three. But I love to have those remembrances close by, especially when I'm away from home.

Thoughts on running


Dear guy running at 5 o'clock pm in triple digit heat,
Are you stupid?

Dear girl jogging in a spaghetti strap tank,
You and I have a different set of problems.

Dear fellow runner who thinks their dogs are well behaved enough to be off leash,
They're not.

Dear self who is possibly getting slower rather than faster after almost 2 years attempting this running thing,

The Devil and Miss Prym


The Devil and Miss PrymThe Devil and Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a book that I'm sure I'll appreciate more once I've had a chance to discuss it. The whole story rests on an ethical choice and it's consequences and I think through those types of questions better when I'm talking out loud. Great premise and well written. It felt much the same as the Alchemist to me, that there were pearls of wisdom dripping from everyone's tongues every time they opened their mouth, but they didn't necessarily add up to a whole lot of meat by the time it was all said and done.

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Moment of the day 6.20.2011


I've been a little obsessed with crochet the past couple of months and with any fixation I wonder when I've gone too far down the worm hole. Considering this book did NOT make the stack of a dozen I took home from the library, I think I'm still safe.

Moment of the day 6.20.2011

Tessa entertained herself this afternoon by taking pictures of me. The double chin is flatering, no?

Moment of the day 6.19.2011


Sprinklers. For which apparently goggles are required.

Ward Family


Our ward (Mormon speak for congregation) had a "family" picture taken last month and they sent out the proofs this weekend. My reaction to seeing it was much more emotional that I had anticipated. Just fills my heart with crazy joy being a part of such a caring and diverse group. It was really hard when we moved from Phoenix (three years ago!) to leave my last ward. Really, really hard. But I knew that given time I would find a home here to. And I truly have. I know this church is true and today my testimony is specific to how fabulous the structure and organization of the ward unit is. Such a support network that I could not easily amass on my own. I've been working in primary (with the children) almost the whole time we've lived here so there are still many people in my ward that I haven't met, but I'm slowly getting there and I'm glad to call these people my family.

Thought for the day


Very pinteresting


In case you haven't noticed, there is a new link on my sidebar to one of my seven kajillion web presences. Pinterest is a visual bookmarking / collecting / browsing / inspiration web site that I am terribly fond of. By which I mean mildly obsessed. I am a very visual person and it fits me well. The people who designed it and pointed me to it know me very well indeed. Registration is limited to invites only, let me know if you'd like one. But anyone can browse my collections if the mood suits you.

All I Have To Do Is Dream


This is the first song I learned on my ukulele. I loved this song so much as a girl. Still do.

Moment of the day 6.14.2011

Swim lessons. Summer.

Moment of the day 6.9.2011


Well hello lazy sun, it's about time you got up. I've been up for *ages*.

Moment of the day 6.8.2011


And maybe I bought a ukulele too. Collections have to be grouped in odd numbers, right?

Musical roots


Another object of memory. Tessa brought home her recorder from music class when school ended so I pulled out mine for Sylvie to play. (We must be equal!) You can see that it was well loved by all the paint chipping on the mouth piece. My parents gave it to me as a teething toy in my cute fat baby years. My parents take recorders very seriously and we had several around the house. They had a renaissance ensemble for many years while I was growing up and although it was a little out of the ordinary for my pre-adolescent self to deal with, I do have incredibly fond memories of going to sleep at night listening to them practice. We were a different kind of house :-)

The One I Love

I love the internets. Where else could I stumble upon my beloved Sufjan Stevens covering REM?

Captured and held tight


Another of my favorite objects, this one more recent in my time line, my amber earrings. I bought these for my birthday in 2008 at one of the street festivals here in Austin. I love the big drop of amber set against the silver leaf. Every time I put them on I think of all the conversations that they have been privy too, as if all the words that have brushed across them have been trapped inside the amber.

Moment of the day 6.3.2011


I bought a mandolin. Because I needed it. Apparently I have not escaped my parents' predilection for collecting instruments because this purchase seems to have stoked some embers in me.

Another end


Last day of school! Lots of mixed emotions from everyone in our house about this day. But like it or not it happened. At the end of the last day the entire school gathers in the front around the flag pole and sings the school song and does the chicken dance. It was hot but worth it.

Our house was stinky due to the fact that our fireplace project has progressed to the staining phase. Progress! But too much on the olfactory glands so we spent the afternoon at the mall. A good distraction for girls that weren't sure if they were sad or not about saying goodbye to their friends and teachers.