More than you know


The new Eddie Vedder album is growing on me. I may now have to buy a ukulele.

Moment of the day 5.27.2011


I took my girls out for frozen yogurt after school to celebrate it being 1,000 degrees outside. Sylvie has decided to drink hers through a straw. This may take a while.

Talent and Possibilities

Nothing restores my faith in humanity quite like an elementary school talent show. I really think it's my favorite day of the school year. 4th Grade now for my girl and still the kids are participating and cheering each other on. Perhaps one or two too many karaoke/lip syncs to pop songs for my taste, but still just an awesome display of the endless possibilities of childhood. Remember when you could be anything?

Tessa and her friend played Heart and Soul on the piano. And it was fantastic.

The question is how much?


The answer is more than a lot.

Moment of the day 5.26.2011

1st grade end of year party at the neighborhood park. The park almost contains their wildness.

Moment of the day 5.25.2011


We are having a carpenter redo our fireplace with bookshelves and new tile and finally a place for our TV and gloriousness. He is almost finished. Almost meaning hopefully sometime before I'm dead. But the closer he gets to done the less I'm annoyed with how long we are off of his original time estimate. It's so pretty!

Pool time


Pool season is upon us. I make very little attempt to conceal the fact that I hate the pool, but my day was so physically blah and mentally frustrating that it was a welcome diversion. Still not warm enough to enjoy that first jump in the pool, but Sylvie needs a little (more than a little really) work on her swimming so I'm determined to stop being a grouchy mom and get these girls too the pool more often this summer.

I've decided that early evening is the perfect pool time because it means a) no sunscreen and b) Dave went to get us take out to eat pool side and I got out of making dinner. Straight home for showers and bed. Score!



As much as I love Austin, there are things (and people) that I miss for living here.  Mountains would be one.  How I would love to pick up for the weekend and step, step, step my way up to a beautiful vista such as this one. Someday.

Moment of the day 5.19.2011

I organized my desk drawer today and now everything is in it's place once again. What gloomy day isn't made better by a little organizing? Just don't ask me to show you the second drawer where I stashed the overflow.

Check out those cheeks

Could I be any cuter? I'm sorting through some photos from my dad and just had to share. Featuring more handiwork from my crafty mom.

Mommy fail


A list of mommy fails.  Stuff I'm particulary resentful of being in charge of right now:
  • Homework. Although both of my girls are high on the responsibility scale and manage this one on their own quite well. But the buck always has to stop somewhere, right?
  • Signing the plethora of school papers that come home. I pretty much hate all the papers that come home. Not to mention the billion emails I'm supposed to read. Too much.
  • Making sure the girls do their chores. Grrr.
  • Same for tooth brushing. At what age can I stop monitoring this?
  • Or showering.
  • Sylvie's reading log. The kid reads, okay? Do I really have to track and sign one more thing?
  • Piano. Epic lately. But I'm just tired of barking.
  • Making sure the girls aren't living in two feet of junk on their bedroom floor. This is a tough one for me, either I'm screaming about it daily or ignoring it because I'm just too overwhelmed.
  • Don't get me started on the girls' bathroom.
  • Checking to make sure they packed fruits and veggies in their lunch. Yes, I should be glad that they pack their own lunch but I feel the need to ensure they aren't completely living off of crackers.
  • Tracking Tessa's Faith in God program for church. This is one just nagging me at the back of my mind because I'm continually procrastinating any actual action that would alleviate my stress over it.
  • Family Home Evening. We've been taking a "break" and my guilt at all those teaching moments lost has swelled and I'm now in active guilt mode to get my act together rather than ignoring passive guilt mode.
  • Dealing with allowance. I never have the right cash to give them so we end up with a bunch of IOUs and it's just stupid. Go to the bank lazy woman.
  • Dealing with summer plans for my girls other than rotting their brains with playstation. I flubbed the registration for swim team, but I did make up for it for signing Tessa up for two art camps and Sylvie for tap and swim lessons. I'll complain later about all the driving.
  • Pool season. I kinda hate the pool and my girls are already bugging me to go several times a week. I've got to figure out a plan on this one soon or we're all going to be miserable this summer. 
  • Cooking dinner. I've publicly complained about this one enough now, no need to beat a dead horse.
That is a depressingly long list and a little embarrassing. I guess I needed to vent. Normally these things don't weigh on me quite so much, but lately I just need to be done with all the policing. I promise I don't act like a miserable martyr for the cause. At least not every day.

Moment of the day 5.18.2011

Homework time. I wouldn't go so far to say that I'm looking forward to summer, but I will be glad to have a little less stuff to pay attention to on my daily list. I am sick of homework and it's not even mine.


I'm having a real mental block towards moving any further on my school related personal history posts. Just not ready to open up my box of middle school memories. So I thought I'd start a little thread of posts on objects of importance. I am sentimental about gifts and objects but it's the story or thoughts behind them that really make them special. Better write it all down before I'm dead and stuff.

Witness here the most awesome doll house in the world. My mom made this for me for Christmas one year. (I'm gonna need some help on dating this one Mom.) All the furniture, all the objects all made by her and it was such a treasure to me. Of course for me the real appeal of a doll house was setting it all up and organizing the furnishings, I didn't actually play with dolls much. I loved the kitchen best with all the little cereal and food boxes that my mom had cut out ads and pasted to tiny boxes. Everything was just super charming. I was so glad when I found these photos of it - I hadn't seen them for years and forgot we had any. Thanks Mom for many hours of fun!

All my thoughts



BossypantsBossypants by Tina Fey

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Um, Tina Fey is ridiculously funny. And smart. And more funny. This book was a riot to read but I give it 3 stars because it was a bit uneven and honestly, not particularly life changing. But she is still a total hero of mine. Did I mention funny?

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The Remains of the Day

The Remains of the DayThe Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Such a sad book. Devastating really and it was really hard for me to relate to the main character. But that's what made it all the more fascinating - such a different slice of the world. I love Ishiguro's writing. So quiet and beautiful.

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Moment of the day 5.13.2011


Sylvie got new shoes for a tap dance class I enrolled her in and she was so excited that she spent the afternoon tapping out the songs in her piano books. Adorable.


Tessa participated in 4th Grade choir this year and last night was their pinnacle event, the staged production of The Ballad of Howdy, Texas a Franco American Spaghetti Western. This was a big moment for my girl and she delivered her one spoken line with aplomb. It was super fun to watch her and her friends put together such a great performance. I was mighty impressed with the kiddos.

Getting ready before the show

My bad pictures of a great set.  
The choir teacher did such a great job of involving all 90-something members of the choir as actors, singers, dancers, stage management, set decoration, etc. The play was well performed and funny too.

Moment of the day 5.12.2011


Real rain! It has been too long and my yard is singing with joy.

Art is good

Super cool video here.  These things make me smile.


RoomRoom by Emma Donoghue

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fabulous book.  It was fresh and surprising to me.  There was so much to learn about humanity from Jack's innocent voice.  The premise of the book really scared me at first and I was worried about disturbing imagery, but the author handled it very well.  There were some intense moments, but nothing graphic.  I thought the author hit the characters pitch perfect.

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Aquarena Springs


Yet another field trip yesterday. Tessa's class went to Aquarena Springs in San Marcos. I simply had to come along when I heard they were going to go on a glass bottom boat ride. So fun! We were blessed with one more day of good weather and it was a lot of fun all around. The kids seemed to like best exploring the wetlands near the springs on the floating sidewalk, but I really did love that glass bottom boat.

Aquarena Springs used to be something of a commerical attraction and they had underwater mermaid shows and even a swimming pig named Ralph. All that is gone now and it's just a scientific outpost for Texas State University. I'm a little bummed that I didn't get to see the pig. They even had an underwater wedding in 1954 between one of the mermaids and an underwater clown.

Moment of the day 5.10.2011


Crazy beautiful sunset way more lovely than my phone could ever capture.  And rain too!  Please more rain!



If I were rich, first I would hire a cook/grocery shopper so we didn't have to eat pasta or scrambled eggs every night (still in a cooking funk here, it may in fact be permanent).  Then I would hire someone to rub my feet and tickle my back when I have a headache.  Or when I don't have a headache.  Now that I think about it, maybe those should be switched.  Or maybe a cook that will massage my feet?  That's the ticket!

Song of the Day


My two

For my two that call me mommy.  That take me at my very worst and make me my very best.  Being their mom is everything to me.

Happy Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's day to my Mama.  I wish I were younger for your sake and so that my childhood photos would have happened in a less embarrassing era for eyeglass fashion, but we are a cute pair none the less.  Thank you for all you do and the wonderful example you are.  I love you.

Moment of the day 5.7.2011


Yum.  And more yum.

Moment of the day 5.7.2011

Tessa designed her very own earrings.  Fun times shopping and beading with her.

Cinco de Mayo


May is upon us and I've just remembered how hectic it gets on the school front. We all know by now I grumpy I get about a cluttered calendar, right?

Sylvie's class (and each of the other million first grade classes) got to perform today for Cinco de Mayo. This has been a BIG event in the making for my dear girl and she has been buzzing about it for weeks now.  She was thrilled to be on stage and her Spanish teacher had told them that they were the "stars" of the show, something Sylvie very much took to heart.  They sang and dance and the whole program was really entertaining.  Just sweet to watch the kids have their moment after working so hard.  This girl just might be a performer.


Just a cute picture Tessa's teacher sent me of Tessa and two of her classroom besties. Her class built eco-columns in class where the plants and soil filter water down to the fishies etc. Tessa has been very excited about this project and it's one of the few things from school she'll talk about in the evenings. Makes me happy when there's a buzz for learning in the house.

Field Trip Time


Fourth Grade is a great time for field trips.  Yesterday I went with Tessa's class to the LBJ Presidential Library on UT's campus, plus a jaunt over to the natural history museum.  I really liked the presidential library, there were some stellar exhibits.  I loved seeing the oval office and the replica of Lady Bird's office all done up in cheery salmon color.  I really liked seeing all the portraits of the presidents and first ladies as well.  Just cool stuff.

It was divine weather for lunch on the lawn. I little chilly when the wind would blow the fountain spray over us, but otherwise just perfect in the sun.

We got a super quick tour of the natural history museum. Awesome stuff learning about the different periods in Texas's prehistoric past.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

The Immortal Life of Henrietta LacksThe Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was an interesting book for me, but towards the end I lost interest in the family that by that point in the book was carrying the weight of the story.  I guess it's just my personal interest, but I would have liked to see a lot more science in the book and less of the human interest story surrounding the family.  Not that their situation wasn't compelling, but I just didn't feel connected or empathetic towards them.  I don't necessarily buy the original premise that Henrietta Lacks really "contributed" in a personal way that should have resulted in recognition for her or her family.  For me, it was the scientists that should have been the focus.  It is very well written and the author did a great job with the subject matter.

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Moment of the day 5.4.2011

Stopping off at Great Harvest on the way to the temple.  Mmmmmm.



No, beyond tired.  Empty.

Moment of the day 5.2.2011


Sylvie decided tonight that she was required to raise her hand before speaking at the dinner table.  You'd think this would add a nice amount of order to our meal but the opposite was true.  Much giggling.  In her own words, "laughing + hiccup = burp".

How could I choose?


There is a storm coming in bringing with it lovely cool weather and we must, must, must capitalize on every lovely evening left. I had intended on finding one perfect photo to capture my "moment of the day" but there were just too many to choose from.