I've been getting bored with my hair and have been thinking of growing it out - but when else could I have such incredibly awesome bed head?

Or maybe I'll just listen to The Cure all day

There's never a bad day to listen to The Cure, right?

Truly Madly Deeply

Great thoughts


My friend posted a link to this blog and I had to share.  Exactly what I needed to hear.  Great insights about faith, hope, and charity.

Good Luck...


I've been thinking about luck this week.  I've always been more of a karma girl than a luck girl, but I found this great quote that satisfactorily ties the two together. 
I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.  ~ Thomas Jefferson 
So when we wish someone good luck,  it's really a congratulation on the amazing hard work and dedicated effort that's been a precursor to the moment.  That seems like a much better sentiment than wishing for someone that by chance they come out on top.



Some recent goings on in our household...

Lots of Lego action.  The girls and I have been obsessing over the Lego Creator houses ever since the Lego store opened in our mall and we splurged and got some.  They. Are. Awesome.

Lots of chess.  I'm still winning at this point but my days are numbered.  Tessa won't let me take my moves back any more.  Where did she learn such rigidity for the rules?

And LOTS of piano.  Sylvie is found on this bench a large percentage of her waking hours.  I try my hardest to let her play and play and play even though I have a bit of a noise issue (that is the mildest language I can conceive right now) and even though even the loveliest of songs is annoying after you've heard it twenty billion times.  Even Tessa, who professes to hate the piano, is found countless times per day plucking away something on the piano.  Of course not what she is supposed to be practicing, but it's piano none the less.  Breathe.

Get a Life


Get a LifeGet a Life by Nadine Gordimer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There were promising elements to this book.  She describes the emotion and relationship between characters in very interesting prose, the language is wonderful.  But I didn't feel pulled into the narrative nor did I really empathize with any of the characters.  It seemed a little to antiseptic to me considering the emotionally charged situations.  And I always felt like I had missed something as the transitions were stark.

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Hook 'em Horns

Our friends invited us to join them at a UT football game Saturday evening.  We haven't been to a college football game since life back in Salt Lake and it sounded like a lot of fun.  I have been informed that our normally stellar football team is having a crappy year but it's all the same to me.  I may look like I'm watching the game, but pretty much all I see is a bunch of men falling down a lot.  Yes, you'd think I'd have gleaned more from my countless hours in the same room with a football game on.  Not so.

Longhorn pride is a way of life here in Austin.  My girls learned early on to fit in at elementary school by displaying the hook 'em horns hand gesture.  And of course I was familiar with the lovely school colors worn all around town, but nothing could quite prepare me for the ocean of burnt orange that greeted us at the ginormous stadium.  I definitely felt like an outsider - from my lack of understanding of the songs and rituals to my obvious lack of orange apparel.  What an experience.  At one point I was worried that I might be undergoing cult initiation, but I'm pretty sure I didn't sign anything in blood or promise my first born to anyone.  I think my favorite part of the evening was the marching band - very impressive.  Or maybe it was Bevo, the actual live longhorn that they have at every game.  You can see him if you look closely in the photo below.  Poor cow.

A super fun evening and even a little chilly which made it feel much more like the college football I remember.  Thanks again to the Morses for taking us.


Not that highs in the 60s really constitute cold weather, but it is feeling seasonal here and it's got me thinking of all the yummy things about winter.
  • Sleep - I never sleep better than when the room is cold and I have heavy blankets piled on top. Bliss! Of course this makes it impossibly hard to actually get out of the bed in the morning too so this one's a double edged sword.
  • A super hot shower on a cold morning. Heaven.
  • Jackets! And sweaters! And scarves! The corollary to this being that it's lovely to not feel like a total schoolmarm for dressing modestly. Summer's rough that way.
  • Not being hot. Which I can only truly enjoy because I don't actually have to be very cold in the winter. Super cold is *way* worse that super hot. Hence the southerly migration.
There is a negative list as well. Trust me there is. That one will probably come in January when I'm feeling wimpish about the chill.



We needed to get out in a big way yesterday. Girls were off from school and a little hyper and pent up. I was a little grumpy and needing sunshine. So we headed over to Barton Creek to play on the rocks. There was some water this time and while the girls were initially disappointed because they love climbing around on the dry creek, it ended up being even more fun because they could chuck rocks into the ponds that had formed all along the creek bed. I knew my control of the situation was all over when Tessa accidentally plunked a whole foot into the water and Sylvie, wanting to be either sympathetic to her upset sister or just a plain old copy cat exclaimed, "I don't matter!" (Sylvie talk for I don't care) and stomped her foot into the water as well. They both ended up pretty wet by the end, but it was still a fun afternoon. Super brilliant sunshine and a nice mid 70s temp. Glorious.

Christ in a Red Robe


I went to the temple this week and really, really prayed to feel the spirit strongly. I just needed a bit of a boost and what better place to ask for it. Working in primary has been wonderful these past couple of years, but I miss having a spiritual feast each Sunday in Relief Society. Anyway, my time in the temple was lovely but the real message from my Heavenly Father came when I was getting ready to leave and I saw this painting by Minerva Teichert in the waiting room. I love her works generally, but this one really struck me.

I am one who always second guesses my place on the path. I like checklists and clear cut directions and living the gospel, while simple, doesn't always provide instructions in a such a black and white manner. I am always worried that I'm missing the mark completely. But I had a real witness when looking at this painting that the real test is our ability and willingness to look unflinchingly at the Savior. If he were in the room would I look adoringly or hide away in shame or indifference.

It was the same feeling I have when interviewing for a temple recommend which is always a clarifying moment for me. When I answer those simple and absolutely basic questions, there is always a burning in my chest, a real witness of how simple the gospel really is. How true. And how it is a home to me like none other.



Town Lake is always my favorite run of the week. There was a mist on the water this morning that was just so beautiful.



We finally joined a CSA here in Austin and I had forgotten how nice it is to have fresh veggies picked just for me. We've only done it one week thus far but I'm already way more satisfied with Johnson's Backyard Garden than I was with Crooked Sky back in Phoenix. Not that Crooked Sky was bad (I love Farmer Frank!), I'm just loving the flexibility and ease of JBG. You can set your own schedule, join and stop when you like, and tons of pick up spots. Seems like a lot of produce for your dollar too. Check out their awesome vegetable guide here. Way better than the stinky newsletter I used to write for Crooked Sky. Local food makes me happy.