Yay for yoga


I have challenged myself to practice yoga every day for the next month. I usually practice three or four times a week and run three times a week. But last week I totally fell off the exercise wagon. No running, no yoga. Part of it was spring break and it's harder for me to get out with my girls at home. Part of it was my penchant for sleeping in when there's no pressing need to wake up and get people out the door. Part of it was plain old laziness. But whatever the reason, by the end of the week I was a total wreck. Anxious, jittery, bored, irritable, you name it. This also happened over winter break when my girls kept me away from the yoga studio with the same result. Okay body, I got your point. So I figured if a week of no yoga can turn me into a slobby beast, then a month of constant yoga has got to be a good thing, right? The best thing about yoga is that when I need a hard workout to really push myself it's easy to find a class to kick my butt. And when I need a moment to reflect and relax I can do a restorative practice. It's exactly what I need as well as the vehicle to teach myself what it is exactly that I need.

Day four and I'm feeling fabulous.


Audra said...

Yoga is the best, but you know this better than I . I am lucky to get to it twice a week (once is the goal). I wish you luck in your physical activities. You sounds motivated.

Pam said...

What a great goal!

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