That rock and roll music


It's been a good month for me and live music. And this was a must needed injection of happiness after mixed success last year with the concert scene. I love live music in theory, but I am also on the fast track to old and cranky so sometimes ridiculously loud music and standing next to stupid people with beer for multiple hours isn't as fun as I think it's going to be.

Last month I went with friends to see one of my absolute favs, Laura Veirs at Mohawk. It was a fabulously fun girls night and I was thrilled to see her in such an intimate venue. One of the openers was great and I even bought his CD. The other opener was so bad that I had tears of hilarity rolling down my face. Synthesizers. Members only jacket. Enough said. Laura herself was wonderful. She is an acquired taste but has become one of my top artists. She is hugely pregnant and I can't imagine a tour across Europe and the U.S. is very fun, but her show was still great.

A week ago Dave and I went to see the Flaming Lips at Austin Music Hall. If you're not familiar with their reputation for live shows, well, it's enthusiastic to say the least. Wayne opens the show by rolling out on stage in a huge bubble and launches himself out into the audience like a giant hamster. There were balloons and confetti and smoke and all sorts of craziness. Everything on stage was painted orange and there just couldn't be a better color for them. Wayne had a micro camera attached to his mike and there was a giant screen behind him showing a closeup of his nose and mouth while he sang. It was a fabulous time.

My first iPod was named Yoshimi in honor of my favorite song which they played. Pardon the poor video quality, but I'm a little excited that my phone finally has video capture.


I was supposed to end this post with awesome tales of a mega show from SXSW. Deer Tick, Lucero, Justin Townes Earl, and SHE & HIM! And free to boot! But yesterday, the day of the show, was ridiculously cold and rainy and somehow my old and grumpy side won the battle and I deemed it not worth it. The whole fam was going to go and Tessa was actually the most bummed out. She sulked about it all weekend. There's just no way that was going to pan out for a fun day. This time it was better to stay home and listen to the CD. Next time maybe. Thankfully living in Austin there is always a next time.


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