There is a group of ladies in my ward that attend the Temple the first Wednesday of every month and I've been trying to go with them whenever I can. With Sylvie now in kindergarten this works out fantastically - we leave right after I drop them off and are back from San Antonio right before I pick up my girlies. I take a personal day from work or half a personal day and I've got myself a nice day out of my ordinary routine. It has been a real blessing to me since I've started - there is such a sense of peace and love there. It has also been fun getting to know some of the women in my ward that are outside of my normal circle. I've been in primary almost since we moved here and I still don't know most of the people at church.

So I've been trying to talk to my girls about my time there and give them good associations with the temple so each month I bring home a fresh loaf of bread from Great Harvest which is right across the street from the temple and a definite stop for the whole car whenever we go. There is nothing quite like that smell when you walk in the doors and they are very generous with their complimentary slices. Yesterday I splurged and bought some of their berry flavored whipped honey. It's a health food, right?

Good day. Spiritually and temporally fed.


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