If another cold snaps sneaks in I will run screaming into the street


This week is Spring Break and while I still have yet to think of concrete plans to entertain myself and my girlies, I am hoping it will have something to do with being outdoors. Spring has finally sprung and the sunshine and warmth are making feel human again after what was surely a ridiculously long and cold winter. I am obviously grading on the sunbelt curve here and apologize for my complaining to anyone who lives in a place that has actual winter.

We walked to a neighborhood park late last week with Tessa's classmate and neighborhood bff. Just fabulous weather.

On a side note, I've really got to figure out how to get better results out of my new camera. I know I and mine are fair complected, but they look like ghosts in these pictures. Now if I only knew where I put the instruction manual.


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