And finally candles


It's a little disconcerting to realize that we've reached the age of slumber parties and girly madness, but I'm doing my best to take it in stride. And to stop only thinking in terms of myself and how this must make me older too. But once I chuck out all that silly self talk I am thrilled for my daughter and the wonderful girl she is, the wonderful woman she is becoming.

The slumber party itself was lots of fun and I found the self propelling chaos preferable to me needing to invent a string of party games to entertain everyone. Even though we had created a way for Sylvie to be "out of the way" that night, once things were underway Tessa and her friends invited Sylvie to join them so they could give her a make over, and she stuck with them for the rest of the night. Until sometime after midnight when the noise level spiked due to the ending of movie number one and Dave went out to find Sylvie totally asleep in the middle of the squealing girls - at that point he carried her into our bedroom to finish off the night. Tessa had a blast with her friends and they were all a pleasure to have over. Not that I'm planning on repeating this little experiment any time soon. Some things are best in small doses.


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