I have totally neglected to post pictures of our outing last weekend to Barton Creek Trail. This is the normally *dry* river where the girls love to hike and climb on boulders. Well it's certainly not dry now. It was a really fun day and getting out was lovely. The doggies made lots of friends and my girls got to stretch their legs.

Here's the landscape last summer. All of this is completely covered and the water is brimming to come over the actual trail far up on the bank.

Here's the view last weekend from a safe spot up on the bank. It was beautiful seeing all that water. I realize the pictures are not the best. In my defense, it's a brand new camera that I haven't really used yet and I was wrangling two dogs while trying to use it.

I am ready for a little green to show up on those leaves. And with all this rain it will hopefully be a spectacular spring. I am writing this post on a gray day that snuck back after some lovely sunshine this week so I'm just hoping the spring comes sooner than later. The gray has made me grumpy this winter.


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