Today was ridiculously productive and I'm feeling pretty good about it. Sometimes I wonder what my life would look like if I didn't work part time, and today kind of gave me a taste for what I would do with more free time. That is if I didn't usually spend all of my free time on the couch with a book. So no, I don't really think all my days would be full of to-do list type madness, but it is nice to remember that the reason all the closets in my house are in a state of embarrassment is partly because I don't have the time to get to them. Here's my day:
  • Woke up very begrudgingly since I was up with Sylvie last night who had an earache and of course refused medication. Fun.
  • Went to two parent-teacher conferences.
  • Came home and cried because I was so tired and thought I might murder Sylvie if she whined at me one more time. Figured the day was shot and contemplated going back to bed for good.
  • A miracle occurred and I decided to carry on. And was blessed for my choice with a pretty pleasant day.
  • Helped the girls REALLY clean their room. And no one yelled or cried which is enough of an accomplishment to call it a day right there.
  • Vacuumed. Even the damn stairs.
  • Ate lunch with my girls. Which sounds basic, but I rarely take time to sit and eat a lunch so it was kind of fun. I even cut up grapefruits for them. Which again, sounds totally normal to the regular people type persons. But I am exceedingly lazy and usually a food that requires this much preparation falls under my "I do not cook for breakfast or lunch" category. You had no idea I was so lazy, did you? What kind of a mom brags about taking the time to cut up a grapefruit for her children?
  • Grocery shopped. Blah.
  • Cleaned out and organized the cupboard where I keep all my house plant stuff and all the doggie stuff. It's one of those cupboards where things fall out ever time I open it - but no longer!
  • Minor trimming in the front yard. Our yard looks blech due to all the freezing temperatures this winter. It is still early and I am risking more damage to the plants that survived if it freezes again, but I just can't take all the dead plants so I am going through and cutting them back.
  • Cleaned out my guest room closet which serves as my craft cupboard and a general junk space for all the homeless chotchkies in our house. It was an undertaking for sure. Definitely deserves more than one bullet item.
  • Took out the gobs of trash and recycle from cleaning the girls room and my closet.
  • Swept the back patio and filled the bird feeder. Is it strange that I feel guilt about not being a good friend to the birds and leaving the thing empty too much? Perhaps I need to prioritize my guilt and shed a bit of it.
  • Ate a handful of nuts before I passed out from not enough food and perhaps too much Dr. Pepper.
  • Sat on couch. Blogged.
  • Just realized that I somehow forgot to brush my teeth. I guess perfection will have to come another day.


Karen said...

You only think that abnormal, or too far from perfect, if you're just too hard on yourself. Sounds like normal life to me! And a good productive day, is a good productive hurrah! to yourself and your mental health. Good for you ... Best thing I ever heard for advice (in stake conference from a general authority) if we are "trying" we are going in the right direction, and that's about as good as it gets for almost all of us. Hurray for you ...

Dana said...

Wow, you did get a lot done! I would be happy If I could get that much done in a month. Good work on not murdering anyone - that's always a plus :)

Naomi said...

That is aMAZING. And it looks like three days' work for me. Honestly, sometimes I consider trying to squeeze in a part time job just to justify hiring someone to vacuum my stairs.

Katherine Darrow said...

Sounds like a "normal" day to me! Plus, I would add any amount of reading to the list of productivity!

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