A puppy!


Kind of a puppy anyway. The shelter is estimating her age at 6 months so she's through the worst of it anyway. I found her online and couldn't believe that a pure bred Brittany would be at the local Humane Society. So my normally impetuous self was sent into overdrive at the thought of such a lovely dog who certainly wouldn't last long. She is very mild, maybe on the skittish side for the moment, but full of energy and very sweet. Our first dog Cricket is pretty much a bump on a log so the girls think it's miraculous that she wants to play with them. We named her Cinnamon because of her pretty orange color. She's been a total delight to have in the house. Hopefully as she comes out of her shell and finds her true self I'll still think so.

Cricket seems to be tolerant with a slight hint of happiness to have her in the family. I can see Cinnamon watching him to see what she is supposed to do, but he is the most un-doglike dog, he isn't much of a role model. He has a wound on his back leg that he has been licking, hence the lovely cone that he gets to wear for the next few weeks. Sylvie is really happy that it's blue and thinks it was chosen because it's her favorite color. It is a huge source of amusement in the house since he looks like such a doof and gets stuck under the table with it on.


Pam said...

So cute! I'm glad Cinnamon is fitting in. I know how much I love my dog so I'm really happy for you.

Sarah said...

Have you seen the movie Up? "Now you must wear the cone of shame!"

Denise said...

You brave woman! Cinnamon is adorable--I hope she fits right in! Poor Cricket--I hope the cone comes off soon!

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