Oh the places you will go!


I'll go with a pretty basic personal history question today, exploring all the places I've lived.

I was born in Ogden, Utah and lived briefly in Layton, but the first house I remember was in Salt Lake City. Just East of Liberty Park in a lovely brick home that I still think of with fondness. I rode my tricycle off of the big cement front porch and knocked out a tooth. I played with kids on the street and loved taking trips to the corner store for candy. I was four when we lived there and I started Kindergarten at the neighborhood elementary school that fall. It is a happy time in my memory.

Shortly after I turned five, we moved to Ridgecrest, CA for a few months of my jumbled Kindergarten career. I just read on Wikipedia that it used to be called "Crumville" and that would have been a better name - it is a total wasteland in the middle of Death Valley. I remember riding the school bus, digging in the sand in our front yard while being absolutely terrified that I would uncover a tarantula or scorpion, and long walks with my parents through the desert to find random junk. The last was definitely the only happy thing I remember there, but our stay was pretty short so no permanent damage.

My third stop in kindergarten was back to good old Ogden. We stayed in apartment and my most salient memory was of a crazy goat that would roam our apartment complex and ram his head against our front door making me afraid to go outside. I have no idea what was going on there.

We moved to a house in Ogden for my first grade at Dee Elementary. It was a green house and I thought that was pretty cool. At least made it easy to find when I was walking home from school. I remember my elementary school was round and the classrooms only had three walls, the fourth wall being open to the center. I remember having a friend named Amber (which is the only time I remember sharing my name) who had the same green striped shirt as I did and that made me feel really special. I remember trying hard to figure out jump rope at school and being awful at it and in characteristic Amber fashion completely worried about the social repercussions of that. But the best memory in that house were the praying mantises. We had hoards of them in our back yard and I studied them with fascination. There was a really awesome shed/playhouse in the back yard and their egg sacs were all over the place. Very entertaining. I also remember having chicken pox at the same time as my best friend Brandon and getting to hang out all day together. It was great.

Second grade was another move, still in Ogden. This time to my grandparent's house to live while they went back East on a LDS Mission. It was a house I was familiar with so I was comfortable there from the get go. I remember playing A LOT on the street. A game called "black magic" (I don't remember what it entailed now) and extensive reenactment of He-Man cartoons were our favorites. I remember flooding the lawn of the family across the street (the kids said their mom was okay with it) and stomping around in the lake all day. I remember not quite fitting in with the kids at church since they had all lived their since birth and I was the "new kid". But I remember school being pretty good. This is the year I got glasses and that was a mixed bag. Tether ball and glasses don't mix. I remember being the age where brand toys were very important. Strawberry Shortcake, Poochie, Cabbage Patch Kids, etc. This is also the year when my brother showed up on the scene so that was a happy moment.

Third grade would take me to the final house of my childhood. We moved only a few blocks away from my grandparents, so my church and school were the same and there wasn't much disruption. There weren't really any kids close by, so there wasn't as much street play but I did start traveling a bit on foot to play with friends from church. The street we lived on was a really steep hill, going up on both sides, our house near the bottom. That was super fun to learning to drive on in the winter. I remember mowing the lawn (a lot) which wasn't very fun with a push mower and lots of hills in our yard. I remember exploring the vacant field across from our house for bugs when I had pet lizards because my parents wouldn't buy them crickets at the pet store for food. That summer sucked. I remember helping my parents remodel the house - knocking down walls and stuff. I also got to design my own bedroom since it was being built from scratch in an unfinished basement. It was completely awesome and I loved rearranging my furniture an decorating it with posters and chotchkies. Oh so many chotchkies. I remember my childhood dog, Gertie the miniature schnauzer getting sick and finally dying when I was in High School. She slept with me at the food of my bed and her terrible halitosis made my bedroom stink I'm sure. And of course this was the house that my two beautiful sisters came home to as babies. I was in high school by then and that was a pretty big part of my adolescence - second mommy.

So I was out of there like nobody's business come college and I think I'll save the rest for a second installment. This is lengthier than the bullet list I had planned but it's fun reminiscing. I will now close the chapter on Ogden and thank goodness for that. No real love left for that city even though I wouldn't really say it was a bad place to grown up. We'll just say I'm happy leaving it in the past.


Denise said...

Fun to take a trip down memory lane. And for those of us who've only known you as a successful, saavy woman, it's fun to see where you came from. :-)

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