I seem to have vast amounts of pent up energy the past few weeks. And not a particularly useful kind. I just seem to have ideas and schemes and plans and a need for new ventures. All floating around my head and screaming for attention. But nothing is really feeling quite settled or smart or even appropriate. Maybe it's just all the talk of New Year's resolutions when I've never been disciplined or focused or brave enough to really tackle them well. Or maybe my longevity stinks and I'm having a mid life crisis.

Look at me, I can't even stick to a single adjective for a sentence!

So here are some of the orphans in my head. Maybe writing them down will make things start to fall into place.
  • I've been making earnings and such gearing up to start an Etsy shop. I of course think they are fabulous, but I have no illusions of this being much of a success. Just looking for enough money back to fuel my bead buying habit. I seem to be stuck in the last stages of making this fly. My camera has been acting up and getting the online presentation right is eating at me.
  • I've started several craft projects, all competing for attention. I have a nativity cross stitch that I want to get done by next year (a year seems reasonable, but I do let things slide). I need to finish beading my advent calendar. I've promised the girls that I would crochet them each blankets in the colors of their choice. I'm enjoying them all right now and I'm in a bit of a zone (thank you audio books), so I'm just trying to power through before I get bored and quit.
  • I am currently obsessed with thoughts of semi-chucking my car and getting a cargo bike. I've wanted one of these bikes for months now - since my friend Naomi posted a picture on her blog (so that means it's your fault). And most of my daily errands are pretty close by, but really? Am I really going to make a go of it? It sounds so Austin-y and a great way to be in tip top shape. But what about when it's hot? And cold? (It is currently 25 degrees outside!) Its too expensive to buy unless I'm really going to commit. Why do I really want to do this? Are all the cool kids doing it?
  • The scariest thought in my head is one of a puppy. I want a dog to run and hike with me, and to actually play with my girls. And Cricket is getting more neurotic by the day and I think a friend would help balance him. Or make him infinitely worse. That's the hard part. Maybe a young adult dog instead. Maybe not. Argh!!!
I haven't been to yoga much this past month due to a ridiculous amount of colds that have visited my asthmatic lungs and my girls being home and messing up my overly luxurious personal schedule. So maybe all this noise in my head is just me needing to get back on the mat. Or maybe it's time for a new venture...


Dana said...

Hey, you know I like the bike idea! It's never too hot/cold to ride a bike. The cargo bike looks fun/original/different. Why just have one kind? I did my own cash for clunker program bought four bikes with the proceeds. Try Craigslist, you can get see all sorts of bikes for mostly decent prices. Riding a bike is great for fitness, I lost 20 lbs last year and can now run and not be weary and walk and not faint.

Do it! - you know you want to.

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