Car radio


I'm attempting to work through some nouveaux style personal history questions on this here little blog. I am picking from this list in a completely random fashion and today it's going to be, "What do you like to listen to in the car?" Alrighty...

For the brief moments in time that I've had a commute, I've done a lot of audio books. Just makes me feel more productive. But that is certainly (and thankfully) not the majority of my days. Here in Austin, I typically listen to 93.3 KGSR which is a lovely little radio station. A nice well rounded mix of all types of rock and indie. Adult without being too adult. This marks the first time since my high school days that I have devoted myself to radio. (I miss you KJQ.) In fact, in the entire nine years we lived in Phoenix I didn't listen to a single radio station other than NPR. Now that I go back and deal with rental cars I do occasionally surf through the Phoenix radio dial and it's a complete mystery land to me. And major sucko in my humble opinion. I also listen to NPR here in Austin but it has a very different feel considering over half of the programing is music and not news. I recently branched out and added the local classical station to my presets but have yet to fill up the rest of the buttons. So when the advertisements of commercial radio are getting me down or NPR has something even too eclectic for my taste, there is of course our extensive CD collection to keep me in tunes. Never a quiet car for me. I would like to buy a new stereo for my now almost 10 year old car with an iPod jack. CDs are just so 20th century, no? Such wonderful problems to have.


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