Year In Review 2009


So here's the deal - I am finding that I need to swallow my pride and admit that I in fact cannot do it all. I am struggling to find the balance this year to actually enjoy the holidays and not succumb to the stress of being too busy. And even though it pains me, I've decided Christmas cards are getting nixed off my list. I love Christmas cards and I don't want to miss out on such a great tradition, but for this year at least they are feeling like a "to do" and not the expression of love that they should be. I do feel bad about it but I'm going to go with my gut that this is a simplification I need to make right now.

So here's the adorable pictures I was contemplating for featured presentation on our Christmas cards. I'll try over the next few weeks to blog some highlights from our 2009. I was reading in Time magazine this week about how this past decade was worst in recent memory for the American people. This is the decade when I really came into adulthood through the crucible of early parenting so it was definitely hard for me, but the article made me grateful that there is a lot I can count as right in my little life. (And also made me feel some justified in the angst and anger I feel as I read about current affairs.) 2009 has been a good year and hard year and a year filled with regular life.

And I still say we call the decade the aughts. Pass it on!


Dana said...

Wow! Those beautiful girls have gotten so big. Don't blink, they will be grown up before you know it.

Audra said...

Love the outfits! Love, love the girls! I am printing this post now as my Christmas card from you! You will still be getting one from us! Miss ya. Mak talked about Sylvie tonight in her prayers. Seth said, what about Tessa? Mak just shrugged. :)

Naomi said...

I totally support your skipping the Christmas cards this year. I think that might happen 'round here as well, though I hate to say so. Anything that helps you enjoy the holidays! And, if you aren't doing it all, you certainly seem to be getting durn close. Sorry you've been sick.

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