Good Day even with a sore throat


I had one of those days where I must have been doing something right. I am still feeling a little under the weather and not particularly cheery, but I spent the afternoon cleaning my girls' room with them and then treated them to dinner out since it seemed to go so well. This is usually a recipe for disaster - even more for me than for them. Something about cleaning their bedroom really turns me into a beast (which is why I don't often help) and them into whining pools of tears. And usually restaurants are where they are at the pinnacle of rude behavior. But the whole day they were total gems. They were happy and got along and did what I requested in a reasonable fashion. They both thanked me spontaneously and profusely and gave me lots of hugs and affection (although this is simply a sparkly detail of their personalities, they are lovely girls). We weren't rushed the whole day even though it was full to the brim and bedtime, which is stressful a good chunk of the time, simply fell into place. Somehow the day just worked. I really need to get out of my own mad rushing current of volition once in a while and just serve my girls and their particular needs. Just be there. It makes all of us much happier.


Audra said...

Happy for you. Really.

I have been sick this week. Not fun for mom to feel bad. Hope you are getting better and stay well!

Thinking of you, lots.

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