Christmas Day


Not the most festive or reverent way to begin a Christmas post, but Sylvie woke up with the most fantastic bed head on Christmas morning. Just had to be documented :-)

We started downstairs with stockings and a few presents under the tree.

Then upstairs to their room where the "big" gift was waiting - brand new desks. My girls share a room and it was time for a little private space so we got rid of the old table (also known as the thing under the huge pile of papers) and got them side by side desks separated by a wall of cubbies. They knew what they were getting, but Dave and I stayed up Christmas Eve (with the girls sleeping in the guest room) to assemble them and deck them out with some surprise goodies. So the girls hadn't seen them yet.

It was a really nice relaxed day at home. I prefer holidays with extended family, but living so far away that's just not in the cards right now. But the relaxation of home was welcome. We've all been really busy and it was nice just to stop and enjoy the day. Merry Christmas all!


Audra said...

Love the desks. Love the hair. Sounds a lot like Christmas here. Nice to see a picture of you, too! Dinner looks delish!

Sarah said...

Great pictures! The one of Dave and Sylvie at the breakfast table even sort of looks like you have snow in the backyard. Maybe it's just the washed out colors on my laptop.
Your juice looks good too. My fast but fancy juice is orange with a few strawberries blended into it.

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