The Best Laid Plans


I tried my hardest but in the end it really was just a stinky day. Dave is out of town and instead of sitting around and playing Wii all day (which was really fun yesterday) I was bound and determined to get out of the house and make a "memory" for my girls and their half gone winter break. It was yucky rain so our planned hike was a no go. Instead I took them downtown to the children's museum which they've been begging for ever since we went for Sylvie's 4th birthday. But we we had a late start because my phone's OS update took hours longer than I anticipated. (Yes, frustrating.) Then the museum was ridiculously crowded. And overpriced. And just not as fun as we remembered. So we cut that short and I promised the girls cupcakes at Sugar Mama's to make it up. After driving all the way over there we found it to be, you guessed it, closed! Awesome. At this point I was just ready to be done and we headed back home and fired up the Wii. Is it bed time yet?


Matt and Melissa said...

Sounds like some of my luck rubbed off on you! Hope the rest of your break goes better.

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