Thankful to be tired


Sylvie was up last night with a really bad earache. And I'm sad and/or embarrassed to report that it took me eons to actually wake up and attend to the situation. It was one of those situations that I could kind of hear her crying in the back on my mind but just couldn't actually wake up to do anything about it. I guess that nighttime mommy radar thing takes practice and I am thankfully on the other side of that hill. There's something to take heart in for all my new mommy friends that are right in the thick of it - there is actually and end to that particular dark tunnel. Anyway, I am somewhat in amazement today that I survived those early years at all because after sitting up with her for an hour or so I am completely trashed today. Granted I am dealing with a cold and a flare up of my generally mild asthma, but I just don't know how I did this on a regular basis. So there you go, my perverse form of gratitude for the day. Is worshiping sleep idolatrous?


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