My girls have a day off of school today and I did not take the day off of work. I'm trying to remember how I did this all summer. Girls at home = not much focus going on in my brain. Sylvie is laying on the carpet outside my office door throwing a fit because she does not want to spend 10 minutes cleaning up the playroom before she can carry on her merry way with her toys. Screaming. Crying. Yelling. Her too.

Anyone want to adopt two mostly adorable girls for next summer? Here it is October and I'm already worried about the demise of my lovely schedule.


Audra said...

I will take them for a month over the summer. I am sure between your mom and other friends we can work something out. :)

Love your girls and miss them bunches.

I was desperately trying to hang on to my schedule, but I have thrown in the towel. With my built in babysitters at school all day, my schedule now belongs to the 2 yr old. I have decided that I need to "enjoy" story time, park time, picnics, and playgroup one more time - THEN I can move on, grow up and get sucked back into the real world. (Just wanted you know I long for MY schedule back too!)

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