Needing sunshine in my life


It was quite simply too nice of an afternoon to be indoors. (And now that we're home and I'm yelling at the girls to clean their room this supposition can certainly be confirmed.) High 60s and marvelously sunny and clear after yesterday's storm blew out. So my girls and I headed over the the Wildflower Center to enjoy the afternoon.

We saw lots of butterflies which is always a big hit with the kiddos. I had fun showing the girls how to make a red mess on your hands from crushing cochineal. And we found the oddest fruit - the osage orange. Honestly, when I first saw it on the side of the path I thought someone had dropped their green plastic something. Just the strangest color and texture. Kind of like a green plastic brain.

Good afternoon. Something much needed by me.


Naomi said...

You are such a cool mom. I don't even know what any of those things are. Can you eat the orange thing which is not orange, but green?

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