I haven't felt much like blogging lately. Or more precisely, all the stuff in my head as of late is perhaps not blog appropriate. This is a problem I run up against from time to time in the blog-as-journal universe. I want to leave a record of my life, I want to stay connected to those I care about, but there are just some things that are too personal or difficult to really put out there in this format. (And knowing me that means it's hard to put out there in any format.) But I also don't want to lose authenticity and paint a ridiculously rosy picture when things in actuality reside far from rosy.

So I'm not looking for sympathy or inquiries. I just want the record to show that sometimes life is hard. Something the blogosphere doesn't really lend itself to dealing with.


Audra said...

I'll toast to that!

Naomi said...

So much to catch up on--I haven't read in awhile--and I can always count on you for honest and frank posts. I love it. And I love that, with blogging, I can feel connected in a way that seems impossible with so many tiny people running around and needing me all the time!

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