Daily Routines


I was thinking the other day that it might be nice to be able to look back at this little record of mine and remember what daily life looked like from time to time. So here's my general routine, remembering that "regular" life isn't necessarily the way things go.

I wake up around 6:30. Let's be honest, the snooze button gets a lot of use by yours truly. But the girls get up at 6:40 so it's not much of a snooze. This is the most luxurious start time that I can remember in my entire adult life so even though I still grumble about it, I'm glad it's where it's at. The girls get up, we eat cold cereal (I don't cook breakfast except sometimes for dinner), get dressed and ready for school. We're out the door at about 7:25-7:30. Mornings are actually going rather smoothly lately and I am grateful for that. I drive the girls to school - about 3 minutes away - and I shoo them out the door to walk the last block since the drop off line is ridiculous.

After that I either go running (2 weekdays and Saturdays) or go home to work in my yard or clean the house until my yoga class (3 weekdays and Saturdays). Then (after cleaning off my sweat) I'm up to my yellow office to work. It's nice to have quiet and dedicated time to work. This is kind of the point in my life that I kept holding up as the light at the end of the tunnel all those years I worked at home with littles running around. I don't have a lot of spare hours in the block of time when the girls are gone, so small changes to the schedule can have a spill over effect with my work hours. I'm trying to go the temple once a month with the RS ladies, I like to volunteer at the school some, and other appointments etc. usually have me picking up an hour or two of work in the afternoons or evenings.

I pick up the girls after that and our afternoons are pretty easy going. Tessa has piano lessons one day a week but other than that and the occasional errand we're home in the afternoons. Which is good because Sylvie is pretty cranky after school and needs that down time. Tessa does homework and practices piano, they both have a chore to complete and their room to clean, then they usually each get a turn at the computer or play a video game together. I usually finish up a little work, do bills or other junk that's no fun, read a book, maybe practice piano, read my scriptures, help with homework or other logistical mommy stuff, tidy up the house a bit, or stare at my pantry and try to figure out if I can make the miracle of dinner happen once again. All of that unaccounted parent stuff that's so hard to keep track of. Friday afternoons I have some friends over to watch TV and the kids play upstairs. Yay for Fridays!

We usually eat around 6:00 when Dave gets home. I "cook" every night other than leftover night and Sundays when Dave cooks. I want to have healthful and yummy meals prepared with love, but the sad fact that I've finally come to terms with is that I just don't like to cook. I do it, and I don't think it's terrible, but there's not a lot of love going on there. Evenings are mixed as to busyness. I have a primary presidency meeting once a week, book clubs twice a month, and the occasional social event or outlet as well. I'd like to think I've cut back on my TV watching the past year, but that is still my go to activity in the evenings when I have down time. Bedtime is usually close to 10:00 sometimes a little earlier or later depending on how much reading I want to get done. I always read in bed. A habit I've had my whole life and I only skip it when I'm super exhausted.

I took the day off of work today to help with Tessa's field trip. It ended up being a lot shorter than I had thought so the "free time" that I find on my hands today is a lovely little luxury. Nap perhaps?


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