It's been such a new experience having both of my girls in school all day. I really feel like I've entered a new chapter of my life. I just feel more on my own as an independent person. It's a great feeling for the most part, but a tiny bit vulnerable too as it's an adjustment in my identity. No longer a baby mama. I feel some guilty about it too (who knows why) but I'm keeping myself busy enough to combat that one pretty well. I for the first time since having my girls have a nice chunk of dedicated time to get my work done with even a little time left over. And I've given most of that spare time over to my new yoga studio which has been absolute bliss.

My girls are both doing really well this year although I think Sylvie is still dealing with the adjustment to being gone all day. She's tired and grumpy in the afternoons. Wait, that sounds about normal now that I think about it. But they both love their teachers and are flourishing in their classes. So gratifying to watch them grow.


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