Breaking in new shoes


My girls were both in need of new shoes. I have no idea how this is possible since we did the shoe thing just a few months ago. But apparently they have decided to grow. So we shopped (they are soon going to kill my joy of shopping for shoes) and then later I took them over to their favorite greenbelt to break them in.


Miranda said...

Three months is the max that a pair of shoes will last the boys - I imagine it's about the same with your girls. This is one clothing item where it doesn't pay to buy better quality, because no matter what, they will be worn thin in a matter of months.

Naomi said...

Cute shoes, too! I'm pretty sure I had that pair Sylvie is wearing when I was a kid. They have that eighties pastel thing going on. Love it.

We were in Austin yesterday on our way to Houston for
Dirk's sister's wedding and I thought about calling you. But I didn't have your number. And, I thought you were still traveling. And I am not always good at planning ahead appropriately. Email me your number and I will call when we are on our way back home next week:

Denise said...

Too cute! They look like they are having fun! We actually just had to buy the boys new shoes too (not even two months into school!) unbelievable how they grow!

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