My girls have been much more into physical play the past few weeks. Wrestling, fighting, dancing, using "the force", karate, all sorts of rough housing. Of course this is completely normal childhood behavior, just a bit of a departure for my two. It's been incredibly fun to watch. Until the inevitable tears that is :-)

The video is ridiculously long. Just too sentimental/lazy to edit it.


Audra said...

Seth says, "How many balloons are behind that chair?" "Hey, get off of Sylvie!" "What are they doin'?" "Do they know we are watching them?"

I told Seth that they do now.

Classic home video. They will love that when they are grown.

hope to see you soon

Anonymous said...

I need to make a PSA on your web...the wife pregnant again. She's about 12 weeks along, been very sick lately. All is well. Thanks

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