Is it time for school to start yet?


Please? Pretty please?

Don't get me wrong. My girls have been lovely and I'm enjoying them around. My motivations are not to get rid of them (not completely anyway) but I just love small fresh starts and the tidy schedule to go with them. I'm planning to actually join a yoga studio once school starts and I'm salivating over the prospect of really sinking into my practice. I've also just agreed to run a 5K this fall with some friends and am amazed with myself since I pretty much hate running. But for a few days until our training starts the idea of running sounds very productive of me. So here's to my lovely calendar and fresh starts!


Audra said...

I hear ya sista! I can't wait for routine.

The Richardsons said...

Did you read my mind? I'm with you. Routine, routine.

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