Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!



My Sylvie turned five! I remember being five. I loved five. Crazy that my baby is there.

We had lunch out and then went to South Congress to visit the shops there. The girls had fun dressing up like Mexican wrestlers at Tesoro's. And of course we stopped in at the costume shop, Allen's Boots, and Big Top as well. It was crazy hot but couldn't let the whole visit go by without a little Austin sight seeing.

We grabbed some cupcakes on the way home from Hey Cupcake after much debate over which cupcake shop is truly the best. I've decided I'm a devotee of Sugar Mama's, but convenience won out since we were already in the neighborhood. I can't really argue with red velvet anyway. Yum!

We went swimming after being out and later in the evening tried our hardest to go see Music Man at Zilker park but it got rained out. Still a super fun birthday.


Audra said...

Makes me feel old. Sylvie - Please stop growing up. I want to recognize you when I see you.

Kari said...

Really?! Five years has gone in a flash; but the result is the adorable being of Slyvie!

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