Yee Haw 4th of July


Is this what you do on the 4th of July?

Well, unfortunately the answer is yes. (I pulled out my old Game Boy Color a few months ago and the girls fell in love. A good alternative to Tessa's plan to save up her allowance for the rest of eternity to by a DS too. We bought another on eBay because well, you know how the sister thing goes.)

But we also went to the Wimberley Rodeo which was a lot of fun even if it was as total oven outside. Last year we did the small town thing in Dripping Springs and had planned to go back again but city budget cuts forced them to forgo the fireworks this year. Good thing hill country is full of charming towns. I love Austin, but dealing with city traffic for fireworks is just no fun. 4th of July just feels good in a small town anyway.


Sarah said...

Is that a feather boa-lined pink cowgirl hat? Fantastic. Add that to the bonnet below, and it looks like Sylvie is quite a hat collector. I love it.

Audra said...

Is Sylvie holding a HUGE pink cotton candy or this that something else. YUM!

Denise said...

We missed you on the 4th for sure! Looks like you guys found your own fun though!

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