Well greetings! I've been a little lean on posts lately so I thought I'd give a mini state of the Amber address here. Thrilling I know.

It's summer. It's hot. I was working in the yard today and even though it was a balmy 80 something degrees (early morning mind you), there was sweat pouring down my face from that novel thing called humidity to which I'm slowly becoming accustomed. The girls are feeling the boredom of summer a bit already and I'm scared to see how we'll be faring come August. But they're still (mostly) getting along so I'll count that as a blessing. Not much going on routine wise. I'm still working 20 hours each week (from home) so there is still some structure to our days. We'll be starting swim lessons this week so that will be another thing to make the days of the week somewhat differentiated. As it is now, Tessa has no idea what day it is (she's never been much a one for clocks and calendars to begin with my free floating girl).

So we're all fairly healthy and sound. Mostly thanks to the public library system. Yay for books! No more vacations planned for the summer - maybe a weekend to one of these Texan cities that we have yet to discover. Texas is big. Have I mentioned that?


Denise said...

I love Tessa's lack of attention and oblivious innocence to time! It sounds like a perfect summer!

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