Slow summer


What happened to my summer? I had such good intents of structured days and nutrient rich activities for my school-less girls. But here it is the middle of July and I still feel like we're just trying to get out of pajamas. My primary communication with my girls is to ask them yet again if they have brushed their teeth. I'm a good portion okay with this. I'm all about the slower paced mornings and not much to do attitude. I guess just feeling a wee bit guilty that I'm missing out on an opportunity here.

It is terribly hot here. Is that a good excuse?


Audra said...

Any excuse is a good excuse, but it is still an excuse. ;-)

Actually, swim team is over this week, so we are having relaxing mornings for the first time all summer - IT IS NICE.

My kids would still love your house better. Mine have 20 minutes of reading, one math sheet and a writing assignment every M - TH. I guess I am draining them of their summer fun. Oh well. Next week they can play while I go out of town. Pam will let them stay up past 8pm. (I think I am strick).

Amber said...

Yeah, I guess it's about balance. I do have the girls go through a list of chores each morning and I bought them some "educational" software to keep their brains from turning to mush. I'm just feeling... lazy...

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