See! We do do something!


I'm feeling like I came off like a lazy oaf in the last post. So lest you think my children are running amok reenacting Lord of the Flies or something, we do have a modicum of structure to our days. Witness the spectacle that is swim lessons!


Denise said...

There is NO GUILT associated with a low-key enjoyable summer. It is called giving your kids their childhood! As Patrick always reminds our kids--they have it soooo easy! No cows to milk, feed, or clean up after. Aren't you glad you have some freedom (not that cows were ever in your future--just a reminder!). Glad you guys are having fun in the sun! Cuter than cute girls!

Audra said...

Is that an indoor pool? What is that all about?

Just kidding.

I learned to swim in St L in an indoor pool. Nice smell of cholorine if I remember correctly.

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