Utah - the land of burgers and shakes


So this trip to Utah has got me thinking that some of my most potent memories in Utah, the have to go spots, are food related. I'm sure this says something about me but I don't really want to do that level of analysis today. Today, I want to make a list (surprised?) of my favorite joints.

Salt Lake edition:
  • Crown Burger - I don't eat beef any more but this one still makes my mouth water. Best fries and fry sauce ever! Fry sauce is probably the number two thing I miss since leaving Utah (number one being those gorgeous mountains).
  • The Pie - the original in Salt Lake. Not that silly knock off in Ogden.
  • Pier 49 San Francisco Sourdough Pizza in Sugarhouse - the Embarcadero is my fav.
  • Snelgrove's
  • ZCMI's bakery - do they still have this? Those mint brownies made me want to cry.
  • Hire's Big H - mmmm, those buns are so yummy.
Ogden spots:
  • Jake's Over the Top - I don't think I've ever found a shake as good, or as big.
  • Warren's - I worked there my senior year in HS and their deep fried mushrooms still set the standard. Lime Rickey's too - yum.
  • Burger Bar - for when you want a test of your stomach's capacity
  • Country Boy Dairy - so sad when this one went away. Moment of silence please.
  • Lee's Mongolian BBQ & Eastern Winds
  • Ligori's - ah, what to say here? Spent a lot of good hours here. Big smile.
  • Arctic Circle - just 'cause it's so *Utah*
  • Special place on the list here for Village Inn, Hardee's, Taco Faker and the like. Terrible food, but definitely good times since they were open late after the games.
What did I miss?


Karen said...

I have to comment because it makes me cry every time I think about it. Not only is there no ZCMI bakery, there is no ZCMI ... I almost died when I went to the mall and it is no more. boo-hoo

Kari said...

After living away for so long I realize now how bad most of the food is at these places, but yes I still crave them, and feel quite nostalgic about them!

I think you must also add Hellinic House (sp?)ha ha, Winder Dairy, Great Harvest, PretzelMaker, HugHes and Union Grill, and whatever that place was at Weinstocks my grandma loved.

I really know my kids aren't Utahns because they just don't get fry sauce.

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