Summer trip redux


We headed up to the Wasatch Front to see Dave's family and some friends. We stayed in Evanston with Dave's dad and it decided to be cold. Which sounded novel at first since Austin was scheduled to be triple digits, but the rain and cold kept us from the mountains, one of our main activities when we visit, so that was a little depressing. But there were lots of cousins and aunts and uncles to see and since it's been two years since we've been up, it was really great to catch up. We did get a good day in Salt Lake with balmy weather to see friends and enjoy the parks. Plus another day in Salt Lake at the zoo - so many childhood memories there. And we had a lovely day at Lagoon. I took Tessa on her first roller coaster and now she seems to have caught the bug. It was beautiful on the Wasatch Front for sure, so much green on those beloved mountains.

Sylvie the pioneer girl. I bought her a bonnet at This is the Place State Monument because she insisted and just because she's incredibly cute. Of course, once I bought it she refused to wear it ever again.

Sylvie did not deal well with the onslaught of cousins and aunts and uncles to coo over her (she's the baby of the family). She spent most of the time at the family party in tears or burying her head in my shoulder. Tessa on the other hand was on cloud nine with so many kids to play with. She spent the night with her cousins several times and was pretty much in no need of her parents.

A Sunday drive up to the mountains to see real live snow. After touching the white stuff, Sylvie asked to go now and see snow since this "ice" was too cold.

Tessa became a roller coaster queen. I think she topped out at 9 by the end of the day plus lots of other rides too. She said her favorite was the Wild Mouse which just ends up making me feel bruised from all the tight turns. Sylvie was pretty hesitant about the whole ride scenario, but had some fun on the kiddie rides. She loved the Sky Tram which I took her on 4 times, and a smaller version of the Tidal Wave which I think she rode 6 times. Thank goodness for anti-nausea meds.
More pics of the week over here.


Matt and Melissa said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. It's always fun to have a family vacation and enjoy the weather.

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